Senin, Oktober 26, 2020

About PushDonate

Connecting Millions of Goodness

“PushDonate is a place to donate and raise funds online”

We believe that technological advances should be utilized to connect the spirit of kindness and mutual assistance. At PushDonate, people can raise funds for a variety of things they stand for or donate for things they want to help.

History of PushDonate

Starting from our desire to create a social movement, we created PushDonate as a forum for anyone who wants to realize his social project.

Over time, PushDonate transformed into a fundraising platform and donated online.

The journey is not always smooth, but the spirit is never eroded. Now, PushDonate has connected more than 1 million people and distributed a lot of donations to those in need.

How does PushDonate finance operations?

PushDonate believes good intentions need to be done on an ongoing basis. Therefore, as a social enterprise we charge an administration fee of 0% of the total donations collected to those who raise funds at PushDonate – as well as for the categories of natural disasters and zakat (0%).

Collaboration with PushDonate

PushDonate believes the impact of kindness will be even greater with mutual cooperation and collaboration. We have collaborated with many parties from various sectors.


Dozens of companies have collaborated with Kitabisa to conduct CSR programs and marketing activities. If your company wants to collaborate with PushDonate, please contact

Government institution

Many government elements have collaborated with PushDonate to encourage active public participation in dealing with social problems. Government institutions can collaborate with PushDonate by contacting

Social Organization (NGO)

Hundreds of NGOs in the fields of health, education, environment, humanity, and various other fields have collaborated with PushDonate to raise funds and conduct social activities. To collaborate, contact:

Mass media

PushDonate believes that mass media has a strategic role to spread the good. Dozens of media have collaborated with PushDonate to raise funds and spread information about inspiring figures / stories. To collaborate contact:

Who’s Behind the PushDonate Screen?

We call people who work at PushDonate with ComDonatur, because we believe spreading goodness requires real action, not just words. In 2019, more than 150 ComDonatur continue to innovate to make it easier for people to spread the good.

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